Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let's give this another shot

Years ago I had a girlfriend who was very involved in blogging, online journaling, and forum posting.  I was pretty jealous of her ability to be consistent while I struggled to keep up with any journaling whatsoever.   I knew I always wanted to start doing something similar and want to give it a really good shot.  I like the idea of writing out ideas and thoughts.  It gives is a nice record of how far we've come or simply a record of our lives.

With the rise of instagram and growing annoyances in facebook I figured this could be a more involved pinterest.  I can "pin" a thought and discuss it.  I could focus on anything but I'd like to talk mostly about my growing passion for yoga, my struggles with it as a teacher and a student and anything I feel like sharing.

If you've found this blog Welcome!  I'm excited to get started and even more excited to hear the thoughts of other yogis and foodies!  Maybe that will never happen and this time around I'm okay with that. 

Goal is to write about me, yoga, food, fitness, music, movies, clothes and favorite products and travel....Will it always relate to yoga?  Probably not.  But I'll try to make at least one post a week all about yoga.  On second thought, I will try to just POST once a week.  Start with small, achievable goals? Right?

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